• Founded in 1991, Ohio Travel Treasures is a fully licensed and bonded Receptive Tour Operator, that offers group tours, primarily to Ohio and the surrounding states.

  • Exciting Motor Coach Tours for Groups

    O.T.T. offers unique and exciting Motor Coach Tours for groups of all ages. We design group tours that come back with consistently high ratings, making you, the Tour Operator or Group Leader, look good in the eyes of your respective customers. Our goal is to include unique and out of the way destinations, which are often difficult to find from other sources. We know our areas!!

  • Personalized Service

    O.T.T.’s personalized service is evident from the moment you call our 800 number. Our knowledgeable staff, with more than 60 years experience in the hotel, restaurant, dinner theater, attraction, and tour guide backgrounds, will respond to your inquiry with a variety of creative suggestions, based on your initial thoughts.

    Whether it’s a day trip, a multi day tour, or merely an in-transit stop, we’ll supply you with everything from solitary ideas, to complete customized packages, which include:

    • a solid list of proven attractions
    • dining/entertainment experiences, which go beyond simply a meal
    • comfortable and accessible accommodations
    • knowledgeable local tour guides
    • complete final itineraries, with driver’s directions
    • brochures and videos, where possible

    Ohio Travel Treasures books hundreds upon hundreds of tours each year and we are CONSTANTLY adding NEW TOURS throughout the United States.  CHECK OUR NEWFOUND TREASURES page monthly for new and exciting adventures!! These tours range in length from day trips to a week or more. Our customers arrive from more than 25 states and provinces, and increasingly overseas.

    O.T.T. is a member of ABA, Select Travel Management and NTA, and has a proven record over the last 26 years. Remember the old ad- “Leave the Driving to Us”? With Ohio Travel Treasures it’s “Leave the Arrangements to Us.” That’s why “One Call Does it All.”

  • Mission

    It is the mission of Ohio Travel Treasures to find unique and out of the way treasures in the areas we promote. “Plain vanilla” tours and well known attractions in our areas abound. We search for the different!

    Every city, town and rural area has something unique- famous people who grew up in the area, famous occurrences, and sometimes just the interesting, the outlandish, or even the bizarre. They’re found in museums, homes, pioneer villages, factories and parks. They make good tours fascinating.

    O.T.T. can customize as much, or as little, as you wish. We offer group tours for Seniors, for Families, for Students, and for Foreigners. We can offer general tours or tours with a theme- be it African-American, Factory, Hands on Make & Take, Religious, or Soft Adventure, to mention but a few.

    The bottom line is that there’s only one really good reason to choose Ohio Travel Treasures as your Receptive Operator- our reputation with our customers. Read the unsolicited comments of actual tour participants in Rave Reviews. They speak volumes!