• Water, Water, Everywhere

  • Available May through October

    Here’s a tour about boats of all sorts and water – perfect for the warmer months!  It’s centered around the Ark Encounter, even though it doesn’t float, but which emphasizes the nation’s largest wooden structure. Then add a few boat rides, attractions and restaurants, with water themes and views.

    Start with a “Core Area”, then, we add in-transit stops, depending upon the direction from which you originate and how long a tour you wish. It’s a great way to see the Ark!

  • "Core Area"

  • The Ark Encounter

    This full sized replica of Noah’s Ark is a massive wooden structure (the largest wooden structure IN THE WORLD - 510 feet long and more than 50 feet tall -before the sail is added). The Ark includes hundreds of different displays, including mock-ups of animal stalls, recreations of how Noah and his family may have lived, and even an animatronic version of Noah that will answer questions. It offers the same quality of Universal Studios and is a one of a kind in the world.

  • Dinner Cruise

    A two hour dinner cruise with optional entertainment, on one of the Queen City Riverboats.  This cruise offers climate controlled areas as well as a canopy open air upper deck for viewing and pictures. This part of the Ohio River is steep and hilly, making for attractive river views.

  • Metamora

    A visit to Metamora, where you can immerse yourself in this Old Canal town (listed on the National Historic Register) and enjoy an array of shops housed in cabins and restored buildings, including potteries, crafts, snackeries, antiques, jewelry stores, cheese shops, broom makers, artists and more. Enjoy a ride on the Ben Franklin, a replica canal boat which takes passengers on a 25 minute horse drawn boat ride along the canal, through the aqueduct and the restored locks. This is just as it was in times past!

  • Piqua

    A visit to the Piqua Historic Site. Situated on the site of a former Shawnee Indian Village, adjacent to a reconstructed section of the Miami-Erie Canal, you can enjoy a ride on a horse drawn canal boat - the General Harrison, explore a Federal Indian agent’s home and barn (built in 1829), and see a 2000 year old pre-historic Indian mound.

  • Hillforest Mansion

    A guided tour of Hillforest mansion, which overlooks the Ohio River. Built in 1855 for a gentleman with shipping interests, it reflects the opulence of that era. The suspended staircase was patterned after the grand salon on the more elaborate riverboats of the time. The third floor is a copy of a pilot house!!

  • Museum Center at Union Terminal

    Your visit will include a tour of the Historical Society exhibit of the early days of the Queen City, where you can learn about the importance of the Ohio River, relating to river boats and transportation.

  • If you are coming from the west or northwest, you might include:

  • Wabash & Erie Canal Park

    The Wabash & Erie Canal Park is located on the north side of the Wabash and Erie Canal off North Washington Street in Delphi. While its main year-round attraction is its Interpretive Center which contains interactive displays explaining the history and operation of the Canal, there are also numerous other venues within the park. The newest addition is the replica canal boat, the Delphi. A ride is included.

  • Dixie on Lake Webster

    Enjoy an old-fashioned cruise on The Dixie, Indiana’s oldest stern wheel paddleboat. This cruise will take you around Lake Webster and will highlight points of interest as well as historical information on the lake and the surrounding community.

  • Cruise the Canal in a Gondola

    Come experience a journey into the past. Sit back and let your imagination take you to the canals of Venice, where you will be serenaded by your Gondolier as you are transported into the romance of Old Italy. Your voyage with the Old World Gondoliers will set sail when your mind is open and your spirit is free to explore the wonders and magic of the old world.

  • Belle of Louisville

    A two hour Ohio River luncheon cruise on the Captain's Quarters private yacht, or a dinner cruise on the Belle of Louisville.

  • Dixie Belle

    A cruise on the Dixie Belle River Boat. This 150 passenger double deck paddle-wheeler offers spectacular views of the Kentucky River palisade cliffs, during the narrated cruise.

  • Falls of the Ohio State Park
    Interpretive Center

    Learn the history of the area from your docent - from prehistoric fossils through Lewis and Clark, and the importance of the riverboats - at this beautiful facility overlooking the Falls of the Ohio River, and downtown Louisville from Indiana.

  • Howard Steamboat Museum

    Stop back in time to the Great Steamboat Era, as you view models, paintings, photographs and other artifacts, in the 1894 mansion of the Howard family, with its grand staircase, brass chandeliers and stained glass windows. Master craftsmen from the family shipyard did much of the work.

  • Overlook Restaurant

    Positioned uniquely on a bluff in Leavenworth, Indiana, the Overlook Restaurant offers a 20 mile panoramic vista of the Ohio River. As you enjoy your meal, watch barges churning up and down the river or the sun setting behind the wooded hills of Indiana.

  • If you are coming from the east, you might include:

  • Seneca Lake

    Ride on a 8-10 person pontoon while getting a narrated tour of Seneca Lake and learn about eagles, osprey and other indigenous creatures.

  • Lorena Sternwheeler

    Enjoy a lunch or dinner as you cruise leisurely up the Muskingum River, through picturesque countryside.


  • Valley Gem Sternwheeler

    Enjoy a 1 ½ hour river cruise as the gentle splash of the paddlewheel reminds you of a bygone era.  You'll have modern-day amenities to make your sentimental journey tranquil and relaxing. The first deck is enclosed with the second one open. 

  • Monticello III

    Take a leisurely canal boat ride down a 1 1/2 mile restored portion of the Ohio- Erie Canal manned by a storytelling captain.

  • Blennerhasset Island

    Cruise out to experience the enchantment of Blennerhasset Island, which Motorcoach and Tours Magazine proclaimed this to be “the best kept secret in America”. Included is a tour of the rebuilt Blennerhasset Mansion, built in the late1700’s by Harmon Blennerhassett.

  • Chilo Lock #34 Park Visitor Center
    and Museum

    Learn the history of the river, and explore hands on, how wicket gates and locks work, as you operate the one third scale interactive model, and enjoy the panoramic view of the river, from the observation deck.

  • Rankin Home

    A major stop on the Underground Railroad, learn about the Reverend Rankin and his family and how they helped over 2000 escaped slaves move from the south to Canada, before the Civil War. Discover the tie in between the home and Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and marvel at the view from the house, high above the Ohio, where you can see six miles up and down the river.  

  • The Ohio River Museum

    Visit the State Historical Society’s interpretive center for the history of the Ohio River, and the steamboats that plied their trade on its waters. Outside the museum, on the Muskingum River, visitors can take a tour of the W.P. Snyder, the last intact steam-powered, stern-wheeled towboat in the U.S.

  • Moyers Winery

    Enjoy an outstanding view of the Ohio River and Kentucky countryside as you dine. Watch the river traffic, and if you wish, sample one of the wines grown on location. Many say the view reminds them of the Rhine!

  • If you are coming from the northeast or north, you might include:

  • Goodtime III

    Two hour buffet luncheon cruise on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie. The Nautica Queen offers a dinner cruise down the Cuyahoga River. Fine as the food is on-board, the culinary treats take second place to the ambiance of the Cleveland skyline.


  • Maumee River

    Enjoy a relaxing ride on the Sandpiper Canal Boat, as you cruise the scenic Maumee River and learn the history of the Toledo area, which almost caused a war between Ohio and the Michigan Territory, in the 1830s.


  • Portage Princess

    Enjoy a 90 minute cruise and enjoy the wonderful view on this enclosed boat, even on a rainy day. Nature abounds at every bend on the Portage Lakes.

  • Maritime Museum

    Learn of the area’s marine history, offering displays dealing with the history of Lyman Boat Works, memorabilia, collections of early ice cutting tools, a series of ship models and exhibits relating to industries such as boat building, fishing and ice harvesting.

  • Great Lakes Historical Museum

    This 9000 square foot museum, recently moved from Vermilion, has more than 50 interactive displays allowing visitors to experience the life of a Great Lakes Mariner.

  • Marblehead Lighthouse

    This is the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation on the Great Lakes, and has guided sailors safely along the rocky shores of Marblehead peninsula since 1822.