• Traveling the Amish Trail in Ohio

  • Immerse Yourself in a Simpler Way of Life.  This tour is like traveling back to a more peaceful place. You’ll feel like you’re in a different era. It’s a refuge in the noisy confusion of life.  Traveling the rolling roads of the Amish Trail in OHIO is part of the enjoyment of a visit to this part of the world.

    Can be ONE to FOUR nights or even a DAY TRIP - March-December - GIFTS INCLUDED AT VARIOUS STOPS


  • Behalt

    A visit to Behalt (meaning to “keep or remember”) will introduce your guests to the Amish / Mennonite heritage. The 10’ x 265’ foot cyclorama illustrates the history of the Amish and Mennonite people from their early Anabaptist beginnings in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1525, to
    the present day.

  • The Farm at Walnut Creek

    Located in the heart of Amish Country in Ohio, The Farm at Walnut Creek hosts over 500 animals, comprised of species from six of the seven continents. The menagerie includes exotic animals such as giraffes, camels, zebras, and kangaroos along with more common animals like horses, llamas, and deer. Guests will have the opportunity to view and hand-feed the animals from a horse-drawn carriage.

  • Amish Buggy Ride and Home Tour

    Guests will also have time for shopping at the Antique and craft mall and Tis’ the Season year-round Christmas store. Everyone will receive a gift. 

  • David Warther Museum

    Private dinner included. The exhibit features five different rooms and over 80 carvings made by David Warther, a 5th generation carver of Swiss


  • Lehman's General Store

    Guests will love this 35,000-sq. ft. store (with plenty of benches throughout) and the displays of thousands upon thousands of products.  Some of the products you thought they quit making years ago: USA-made toys and house wares, hand tools, non-electric appliances, oil lamps, weather vanes, copper kettles and so much more.

  • Troyer Candies

    Meet Lydia Troyer and learn more about the Amish family candy company.  Guests will roll up their sleeves in the candy kitchen and make their own buckeye candy to take home with them.

  • Amish Country Theater

    Award winning live theatre. Hold on to your seats and get ready for some explosive laughter!  Voted a Top 100 Event in North America by the American Bus Association.  Lunch or dinner included.


  • Swiss Heritage Winery

    The perfect partner to the cheese house’s award-winning cheese was officially announced—Swiss Heritage Wines.  Exclusively bottled on the premises, Swiss Heritage Wines have complemented the cheese perfectly.  Everyone will receive a chunk of Swiss cheese to take home.

  • Heini‚Äôs Cheese Chalet Factory
    and Retail Outlet

    Enjoy free samples of over 80 varieties of natural cheese. View the cheese making process. Guests will be able to view the Amish workers making cheese this early in the morning only.

  • Homestead Furniture Factory and Showroom

    Take a tour through the factory where you can see the Amish craftsmen start to finish.  Following tour guests will have a traditional Church Lunch at the event center.

  • Traditional Amish Wedding Feast

    Experience an Amish Wedding Feast where the room will be set just like a wedding has just taken place. All guests will receive Peanut Butter Whip to take home.

  • Farmstead Restaurant

    The tradition of an Amish barn raising meal or a Mennonite church potluck is all about coming together, sharing abundance, choosing as you go, and lots of variety.