• Ride the Buckeye Rails Tour

  • Available May through October
    Relive the heyday of rail travel as you plan your own tour, riding the rails and visiting other train oriented attractions—stations, museums, and restaurants throughout Ohio and the adjoining states.  You might include some of the following:

  • Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

    Enjoy a ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, a nostalgic train ride along miles of track, through the heart of the southern region of the Cuyahoga National Recreation Area, between Rockside (Cleveland) and Akron. You'll travel in vintage climate controlled coaches that offer you a picture window view of the park’s natural beauty and historic sites.

  • Lorain & West Virginia Railroad

    Ride the Lorain & West Virginia Railroad, operated by the Lake Shore Railroad Association. The L.S.R.A. owns 20 miles of the former Lorain & West Virginia Railroad and is currently operating 6 miles.

  • Willoughby Brewing Company

    Dine in a century old building that was once a rail-car repair depot for the Cleveland to Ashtabula Interurban Rail Line. 

  • B & O Roundhouse in Cleveland

    The Roundhouse was built at the turn of the century to accommodate Cleveland's expansive rail service. Today the building is the base of operations for the Midwest Railway Preservation Society.

  • Dennison Railroad

    This beautifully restored 1873 Pennsylvania Railroad Station houses a W.W. II museum, railroad, gift shop, and a 1940’s restaurant, Lucille's. In the 1940’s the Depot was known throughout the country for its famous Salvation Army Canteen. Over 1.5 million G.I’s were greeted at the Canteen Door, during W.W. II.....and that’s why they called it “Dreamsville”!

  • Dinner at Warther’s Carvings

    Earnest “Mooney” Warther is best known for his ivory and ebony carvings of railroad steam engines, which were appraised by the Smithsonian as “Priceless Works of Art”. You'll see these carvings created out of wood, ivory and pearl - from entire trains to a hand carved steel mill. 

  • Berea Union Depot

    Established 1876.  Eat in the trackside dining room where in 1876 you would have been waiting on the train platform. The thick walls and relative distance from the tracks keep the sounds of passing commerce to a low rumble - enough to add to the ambiance but not enough to interrupt your lively conversation.

  • Treno Ristorante

    Located in nearby Kent, this historical building was constructed in 1875, serving as the main train depot within the area. Now this historic building is a beautiful restaurant with artifacts from 1875 and later. Today, many people come to dine in the comfort of a former train station.

  • Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad

    Relax and enjoy the burst of color - no matter what season, on an old time passenger train that takes guests on a leisurely ride through the foothills of Appalachia. The train carries you over a century-old-right-of-way, which is listed on the National Historic Register. 

  • Byesville Scenic Railroad Station

    Though the train is not currently in operation, you can still dine on one of the rail cars. A miner joins you to regale the history and importance of the mining in this area.

  • Depot Rail Museum and Scioto Valley Train

    Dine at the an elegantly restored train depot filled with railroad artifacts, built in 1886. Eat in a restored rail car, or in the depot itself. Finally ride a 1/3 scale train which encircles the entire complex. 

  • The Warehouse

    Originally built around 1925 to house the Interurban. This electric train, called the CD&M, ran from Marion to Delaware and then on to Columbus. Converted into a restaurant in 1994, today it's the home of The Warehouse Italian Dinners. 

  • Lebanon, Mason, Monroe Railroad

    Arrive at the Lebanon station for a ride on the Lebanon, Mason, Monroe Railroad, Running on track originally laid in 1880, the diesel-electric locomotive pulls four enclosed passenger coaches, built around 1930, and an open gondola car. It offers a panoramic view of passing pastures and Turtle Creek. 

  • EnterTRAINment Junction

    Featuring over 2 miles of G Gauge Track, and 90 trains, from the earliest days of railroading up to today’s modern locomotives. The American Railroading Museum there offers background for both the amateur historian and those just curious about what railroading meant to the history of the US. There is a gift shop and food court as well. 

  • Brantley Carriage House

    You’ll enjoy the ambience as you dine in the at the Greene County Historical Society Museumwith its toy trains and railroad memorabilia. A Conductor welcomes your coach, passing out Dinner Tickets to each guest. Dinner menus are based on recipes from the railroads of yesterday, and are served by staff dressed as Porters and Conductors. Tables are decorated with railroad items and a video of Xenia railroad pictures will be showing continually for people to view. Your setting includes real table cloths, cloth napkins, dinnerware and real silverware. 

  • Carillon Park

    This museum, dedicated to the history of transportation, and the impact the Dayton area had on it, contains more than 20 buildings. Included is a 1905 Wright Flyer, and exhibits on canal, train, bicycle, auto, and aviation history. 

  • Cincinnati’s Union Terminal

    A visit to Cincinnati’s Union Terminal. Built as the city's main train station in the early 1930’s, this giant half dome structure, which is the largest in the western hemisphere, offers the largest tile mosaics in the United States. It is now the home to a variety of museums, as well as having an Omnimax Theater, gift shop, restaurant, ice cream parlor and operating train station. Perhaps you'll include a tour of the former Art Deco Executive Offices and Tower A, the main control tower for the Terminal, now restored and maintained by the Cincinnati Railroad Club.

  • Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum

    Steps and open doors mean welcome aboard to folks of all ages who come to this "hands on" museum, to reminisce at their leisure about railroading. Books, videos, patches, pins, T-shirts, hats, and mugs are just a few of the items available in the gift shop. 

  • Train O Rama

    Ohio's largest operating model train display open to the public. In addition to the operating display, they are a Licensed Lionel Dealer and the gift shop has many fine model railroad products, such as scenery, cars, books and novelty gifts.

  • Fostoria Rail Park

    In the center of the triangle, the town built one of the best train-watching parks in the nation! People from all over the world make this isolated town their destination, or at least an important part of their trip, as over a 100+ trains pass through Fostoria on a daily basis. 

  • Depending on direction of
    travel include:

    Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad
    Old Road Dinner Train
    Whitewater Valley Railroad
    French Lick Scenic Railroad
    Blue Grass Railroad
    Old Kentucky Dinner Train
    Kentucky Railroad among others.