• Made in OHIO! Tour

  • One to five nights in the state of Ohio.
    The big chain stores have made it hard to find American-made products, but our goal on this tour is to show group members how products are actually produced IN OHIO where over 45 manufacturing plants operate.  From the practical to the premium, it's all MADE IN OHIO. Every item is 100% guaranteed to be produced in the USA.  Your tour will be customized based upon origination point.

  • Airstream Factory Tour

    The company conducts daily tours that give visitors the opportunity to see how the American legend Airstream is built.

  • Conn’s Potato Chip Factory

    Small company that has been turning out its own special version of chips for 70 years. Guests are invited into the factory to see how these delicious, mouth-watering chips are made with 50,000 pounds of potatoes per day!! Taste testing encouraged.

  • 5B’s Embroidery

    A family owned business founded in 1980. 5B’s is currently one of the largest contract embroidery operations in the United States. 5B’s combines state-of-the art systems with old fashioned values centered on you, the customer. From its humble beginnings in the family’s basement, 5 B’s now occupies a 170,000 square foot facility, with over 300 embroidery heads, operating 20 hours a day.

  • Ye Olde Mill

    Producer of Velvet Ice Cream. Guests will tour the manufacturing plant and enjoy an included Ice Cream cone while they enjoy the Olde Mill complex which offers a restored grist mill that dates back to 1817.

  • Phoenix Bat Company

    Come see a wood baseball bat being made on the biggest, bat making machine anywhere!  Go on the shop floor and see bats made right in front of you.

  • Herbal Paradise Tour and Lunch

    Tour a 65-acre certified organic farm that produces 100+ varieties of herbs and supplies many of Central Ohio’s top chefs! Become inspired by the unique varieties of plants, companion plantings and breathtakingly beautiful flower gardens. Then dine in the beautifully renovated, historic barn.

  • American Whistle Corporation

    The only manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States. See how America’s only metal whistle factory gets those little balls into its whistles.  At the end of the tour, everyone gets a whistle to take home.

  • Anthony-Thomas Candy Factory

    Walk along an air conditioned, elevated, glass enclosed cat walk, and learn how chocolates are made. You’ll be surprised by some of the company’s well-known customers. Naturally, there’s a store at the end. Everyone will receive a $2.00 coupon for shopping.

  • The Flag Lady’s Flag Store

    ONE OF THE TOP 5 FLAG DEALERS IN THE UNITED STATES. Guests will receive a guided tour of this operation watching custom flags being made. Everyone will receive a 4x6 American Flag.

  • Columbus Washboard Company

    Manufacturer of the only washboards still made in the U.S. today. The site features company’s products including Musician Boards, craft ideas, artisan items, and historical displays.

  • Annin Flagmakers

    Manufactures over 10,000 different flags and flag accessories.  The 150,000 square foot Coshocton, Ohio facility manufactures and distributes product to Annin’s mass retail customers.  This does require walking.  Everyone receives an American Flag!

  • Alan Cottrell Studio and Gallery

    This is the world’s largest bronze sculpture exhibition of any living sculptor’s work. View over 300 bronze sculptures, bronze bells, tomb sculptures, and educational displays.

  • Dum Dum Sucker Tour

    Guests will tour the factory on the Dum Dums Trolley and see the warehouse and palletizations areas, and automatic case packers.  Candy cooking and forming in the kitchen areas will be shown via a DVD player while on the trolley.

  • Wilson Football Factory Tour

    All footballs used in the NFL and NCAA are produced in this little factory in Ada. The tour is very interesting and thorough. You get a souvenir football-shaped piece of pebbled leather, and there is a "gift shop" bin of footballs at the end of the tour if you'd like to take one home.

  • Clifton Mill

    See the inner workings of the Mill including how flour and pancake mix being made on site, walk across the Gorge on an old covered bridge and browse in the gift shop.

  • Rookwood Pottery Tour

    Experience the beauty and intricacy of Rookwood Pottery first hand on the Rookwood Factory and Market tour! Join a knowledgeable guide that will share the intriguing history of Rookwood Pottery in the Queen City, and you will learn the story behind the famous name.

  • Doscher’s Candies

    Doscher’s started making Candy Canes in 1881 and to this very day they are still made by hand. They take pride in knowing that each candy cane is different. Each and every candy cane is special and uniquely made for you to enjoy. Guests will tour the candy kitchen and watch them make candy either by hand or century old machinery and pots with ORIGINAL recipes.

  • Beau Verre Studio Tour

    Located in a restored turn of the century building in the heart of Middletown, Ohio. Walk among period Arts & Crafts furniture, and take in all the beautiful glass creations from the BeauVerre – GUIDED TOUR of Riordan artisans and WATCH the masters at work creating stained glass windows.

  • WAIT……..there are still another 30+ factory tours!!!
    Let Ohio Travel Treasures create a tour just for you.