• Howls, Cows, Memories Galore Tour

  • An opportunity to explore Lafayette, Indiana & vicinities.

    This tour makes a GREAT mystery tour!

  • Historic Prophetstown

    Historic Prophetstown, a 1920’s style working horse farm (decorated in 1920’s style), farm machinery, animals, recreated prairie and more!!  Guests will take a horse drawn trolley (no sides but it has a roof) through the prairie to the Native American Village.

  • Dinner at Bruno’s

    In existence since 1955!!  Dine on Italian specialties.

  • Fair Oaks Farms

    A guided tour of the dairy & milking process. One very unique factory tour, where you get a behind-the-scenes look at how cheese products, Greek yogurt & ice cream are made!Be sure to take time to check out the birthing barn where there are over 80-100 calves born EVERYDAY.

  • The Pig Adventure
    at Fair Oaks

    Step inside a modern pig farm and learn about pig farming.  From where pig farming began to the modern practices that we use today, you're sure to leave with something to squeal about!

  • Wolf Park – Howl Night

    Get ready for a HOWLING GOOD TIME.  Outdoor (in case of inclement weather guests will go inside) attraction where guests will learn about the wolves, their behavior and how they are trying to protect them. 

  • Clay Critters

    See how Ben creates life-like magnets ranging from sea life to farm animals, flowers and more. Then pick out a magnet to take home with you.

  • Worlds largest Ball of Paint

    Guests will all be offered paint rollers so that they can leave their mark on the world’s largest ball of paint. Layer after layer after layer has been added to keep this LARGEST BALL OF PAINT.  If you don’t want to roll paint onto the ball you can just sign your name. Everyone will receive a certificate to prove they were here!!!

  • Paramount Theatre

    Guests will tour Paramount Theatre that offers a 992 pipe organ which will entice guests when it is played for approx. 20 minutes. Guests will tour the ballroom, the train room (which offers 2500 sq. ft of trains); your guide will give you insight on to different performers who have sung at the Paramount.

  • Good’s Candy/Ice Cream Shop

    This LARGE facility offers gourmet coffees, fresh made ice cream and chocolate galore. Load up for your trip home!! They will be ready for you upon arrival. If you like peanut brittle Good’s is the best around.