• Rave Reviews

  • Hi Diane, We just returned from the Cincinnati trip and we wanted to let you know right away how much we enjoyed it. Everything was perfect. We loved all of the venues. Our guide Rick was excellent. Having him on the trip with us made everything so easy for us and for our driver and we were amazed at his wealth of information. We also enjoyed having Joyce with us. She had all sorts of interesting stories to add. I know we mentioned this before but we appreciated all of the detailed information both for us and for our driver. It was really a great trip and we had positive comments from all of our travelers. Who knew there was such cool stuff in Cincinnati!

    Mifflin County Historical Society/Destination History - Karen and Nancy

  • We will talk but just wanted to say THANK YOU! The tour was absolutely wonderful! My folks even appreciated the added special effects of rain while visiting the Ark. lol. They REALLY loved the private dinner cruise. Captain Alex knew his stuff and the added narration was appreciated. Music was awesome - they clapped and sang along, a perfect combination with the Ark. I thought food was good. The rain actually didn’t hamper anything except a little of Pam’s tour. She was a trooper and we walked the murals even in the sprinkles. The stop at Weberding’s was great - most of us bought something - impressive company. So that all being said I’d do this itinerary again in a heart beat. I love it!

    Tracy Schueller

  • Thanks for all your help and for all you do to make your groups one of a kind. We always know we will get quality tours and top notch service with Ohio Travel Treasures and everyone on your staff is exceptional, always willing to help with a smile and quick response. Kudos to You and your Staff.

    AAA Club Alliance Inc. - R. Supan

  • Everything was top notch. Would highly recommend OTT to anyone. The Ark – Wow. Overall a great time.

    Bank of Sullivan - A. Isgrigg

  • Your company is a jewel! You deserve lots of kind words. If everyone in our field was as energetic, pleasant and efficient as you are the world would be a much better place.


  • By far Ohio Travel Treasures team is the most AMAZING people in the travel industry.thank you for everything you do for us.

    M. Hawkins, American Dream Tours

  • Thank you for the fabulous trip to the Homestead, What a wonderful time. You certainly put a lot of work into planning this tour and it was so appreciated by all and could not have been better.

    Seniority on the Go

  • The trip to Sugarcreek last Friday was I believe the best trip we have made since I started working at AAA. All the stops we made were more interesting than the last and the gifts at each stop were more than our bags could hold. I would very much like to let others know of your planning and coordination techniques and will pass them on to you.


  • I know that I can always count on Ohio Travel Treasures to come up with unique and different locations that no one else in my area can offer. Thank you for creating such successful tours and making me shine.

    Classic Travel

  • If ever there was a more enthusiastic fun and kind-hearted travel company owner than you---I have yet to meet him or her. Diane, you provide marvelous experiences for our travelers and do such a fabulous job.

    First Century Bank

  • They had a MARVELOUS TRIP! Escorts and passengers alike said it was the best mystery trip they'd ever been on so congratulations to you and thank you for making things so easy for us. I am working on 2017 so I need to look on your website to see what I could do as another mystery trip for 2017. Thanks and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

    Rose – Peoria

  • Once again, OTT came through for CEA-R with flying colors. The day was perfect. Our lunch was so delicious. And the concept of an Amish Wedding was hilarious. I picked a couple that had been married 53 years. The only complaints that I heard after lunch, and it was from just about everyone, was that they were oh so full and/or they hadn't eaten that much in a long time and/or they were about to burst! The Yoder Farm was another great part of the tour. We were divided into three groups so that the groups were manageable, Being retired teachers, the one-room schoolhouse was especially interesting. The young Amish teacher probably had not ever had to answer so many questions about her classroom and the curriculum. The big house did have a wonderful aroma, Again, so many left with bags of delicious (I speak from experience) cookies. Walnut Creek never fails to impress. I heard comments after guests as they left the wedding feast that they wouldn't be eating again for a week but they sure made and enjoyed some elaborate sundaes! think most of our members knew exactly what they wanted to buy when they returned to the ground floor because they left the elevator and scattered in all different directions again leaving with packages. Interesting observation: many of our members have been to Ohio's Amish Country but the stops on this trip were new to many of them, Thanks to OTT for a wonderfully organized and fun day!

    Columbus Retired Teachers - Amish Tour

  • GREAT TOUR. Not one person could mention a favorite but they said they could two or three or four favorites. Top two were Pioneer Equipment in Ohio’s Amish(a company that makes the horse drawn farm machinery) and having dinner with Amish farmers that joined the group. This was the number one highlight. Some said they could have spent all day with the dairy farmers, beef farmer, poultry farmer, grain farmer, and horse farmer. Sight and Sound was very good….but it was the extra touches that went into the planning and coordination to make it special.

    Farm Bureau

  • I have had very positive feedback from our group regarding Thunder over Louisville. A few of our travelers even said they would love to do it again sometime. One lady said she felt like royalty! Another said it was definitely one of the best trips she has ever been on!! Several told us that they had a wonderful time. I know Diane put a ton of time into making this trip such a success! Give her a hug for me and tell her I said THANK YOU!

    Tour operator-Indiana

  • Terms used were: awesome, best fireworks ever, How many people would ever have the view we did of the events?, Amazing, and you would have to see it to believe it. It was truly a winner from the get-go. The food was very good and plentiful. The yacht was certainly handsome and the food good. I think getting to go to the reception for the pilot’s was such a marvelous inclusion and a definite highlight. We met people in the conservatory and in the shops who were asking “how in the world did you get to do that? I said I leave it our tour planner!! I could go on and on with all the good things about this tour like your planning with such attention to detail and to the little things that made the tour memorable and special which is truly appreciated!. Many, many thanks for a spectacular tour for our bank customers!

    Bank Planner - Clifton Tenn.

  • We haven’t even been home 30 minutes, but I wanted to send a blue ribbon your way. The stops were just the best. The football and whistle folks couldn’t have been more accommodating and the OSU escorts pretended the rain wasn’t even falling. They gave us 110% It was so very interesting…our people genuinely loved it. Food stops couldn’t have been better. The folks at Nutcracker were the most impressive with immediate and attentive service and such quality food. A great experience. But the other places too, were just ideal for us. For just a two day trip, you couldn’t have set up anything better for us. Dixie was a good match for our group as well. All of us were more than a little impressed with what you did for us!

    Cecily for the Center for Lifelong Learning at Northwest State