• Ark & Amish

  • Available Year Round

    On this tour guests will see and hear the "backstory" of the building of the Ark Encounter. The hand of God is clear, so come along on a journey from the first brainstorming plan in 2004 to the Grand Opening in July 2016. Many of the builders of this ARKitectural marvel were Amish so on this tour you will see both “Ark and Amish.”

  • The Ark Encounter

    This full sized replica of Noah’s Ark is a massive wooden structure (the largest wooden structure IN THE WORLD - 510 feet long and more than 50 feet tall -before the sail is added). The Ark includes hundreds of different displays, including mock-ups of animal stalls, recreations of how Noah and his family may have lived, and even an animatronic version of Noah that will answer questions. It offers the same quality of Universal Studios and is a one of a kind in the world.

  • Dinner Cruise

    A two hour dinner cruise with optional entertainment, on one of the Queen City Riverboats.  This cruise offers climate controlled areas as well as a canopy open air upper deck for viewing and pictures. This part of the Ohio River is steep and hilly, making for attractive river views.

  • Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

    A scaled down replica of the Cathedral Notre Dame, in Paris. This recent-ly refurbished architectural beauty features a gothic design with gargoyles and flying buttresses. Among its 82 stained glass windows, are a Rose win-dow, larger than the one at Notre Dame, and the largest stained glass win-dow in the world. This Basilica is one of only thirty one Basilica’s in the country, and is considered the most beautiful in the WORLD.

  • Cincinnati City Tour

    World famous travel guide Lonely Planet, named Cincinnati USA one of the top three U.S. travel destinations. Guests will enjoy the “Queen City” and learn about the Garden of Eden with a seven mile view, the historic areas and even where many movies have been filmed including Rain Main.

  • Concert with Wild Carrot

    Yes! A flood song can be fun. A song about rain can be riveting. And storm songs can swing! Join us for this engaging show featuring songs from different genres about rain, floods and related natural disasters

  • Amish Country Options

  • Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center

    This will introduce your guests to the Amish / Mennonite heritage. The 10’ x 265’ foot cyclorama illustrates the history of the Amish and Mennonite people from their early Anabaptist beginnings in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1525, to the present day.

  • Heini‚Äôs Cheese Chalet Factory
    & Retail Outlet

    Enjoy free samples of over 80 varieties of natural cheese. While you're here, pick up some other products such as Cheese Spreads, Popcorn, Amish Potato Chips, Jams, Jellies, Butter, Farm Fresh Eggs and much more. Watch the Amish workers through a glass enclosure making cheese.

  • Wendell August Forge

    Watch as the skilled craftsmen create one-of-a-kind designs using pewter, aluminum and bronze. The gift shop offers an array of items that are made on -site. Have your picture taken in front of the world’s largest buggy!

  • Hershberger Farm and Amish Bakery

    Fill the senses with the aroma of the best fresh baked pastries in the county!! Browse the large selection of fresh local produce and take home some fall ripened fruits and vegetables!

  • Amish Wedding Feast

    Guests will experience an Amish Wedding Feast where the room will be set just like a wedding has just taken place. Guests will learn about the wedding customs and traditions.

  • Dinner and Elvis Concert at
    Amish Restaurant

    Evening dinner at an AMISH restaurant serving delicious food (two entrees, fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes, salad, home-made bread and luscious desserts).  How Great Thou Art Featuring Michael Brindley (A tribute to Elvis Gospel) “Crying in the Chapel”, “Swing Down Sweet Chariot”, and “Walk Dem Golden Stairs” are just a few of the hits you will hear when you experience How Great Thou Art featuring Michael Brindley.