• Hidden Secrets of Southwest Ohio Tour

  • In the Dayton/Cincinnati area, between the valleys of the Great and the Little Miami Rivers, you can find some of the most beautiful painted murals, some of the most interesting small manufacturing businesses, prehistoric Indian Mounds, and a variety of hidden secrets located just off major highways.  Depending upon the length of your visit, and the direction from which you arrive, your customized O.T.T. Tour might include some of the following:


  • Guided Driving Mural Tour

    A guided driving tour of some of the area's many beautiful murals - covering a wide variety of subjects - from different types of transportation to historic scenes, and from native Americans to a 1950s restaurant. Don't miss the etched marble mural that highlights every war in which the U.S. has participated.  Enjoy a gift or a surprise at some of the stops.


  • Indian Mounds Tour

    Tour Mounds of different types....the Great Miamisburg Mound, the largest prehistoric Indian mound in Ohio, dating back 3000 years, the ceremonial mounds at Fort Ancient, site of Ohio's premier Indian collections and exhibits through the 1800s, and the Mound Museum, tracing the history of the nation's nuclear and space developments in this area. Or include a reconstructed Indian Village circa 1300 A. 

  • Miami-Erie Canal

    Learn about the importance the area had to the development of transportation - canal, rail, auto and aviation, at a variety of attractions - some well known, and some not - and how the Miami-Erie Canal opened up the west, resulting in New York City be-coming nation's most important commercial center. Maybe a Canal Boat ride is in the cards!

  • Famous Ohioans Tours

    Enjoy stories, homes and collections relating to Generals George Marshall and Omar Bradley, Clyde Barrow of Bonnie & Clyde fame, children's author Robert McCloskey, Mike Fink - Davy Crockett's friend and the world's first word automatic typewriter. 

  • Made In Ohio

    .....See how stained glass windows are made by the country's oldest stained glass manufacturer.....How soap is made, and how coffee is roasted, packaged and labeled.....See glass blowing and pottery demonstrations.....Visit a chocolate factory and tour a winery.....Make your own projects at a local farm market, and candles at a pioneer village.....Visit a bamboo garden, an alpaca farm and an apple orchard.  Ohio offers over 25 factory tours!!!! 

  • Enjoy a Dinner Show or Dinner

    Enjoy a meal and show at Ohio's only remaining Dinner Theater, where Roseanne's John Goodman got his acting start, or dine at Ohio's oldest inn, dating back to the early 1800s, and host to a variety of dignitaries and U.S. Presidents. Or visit one of the area's casino's.

  • Outdoor Sculpture Parks

    Tour one of a few outdoor sculpture parks in the United States, with an indoor museum of Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities 

  • Supermarket with a Twist

    Shop at a supermarket with a twist - food from 75 countries, 1600 different cheeses, 1,400 hot sauces, over a hundred different honeys, 1,400 different beers and 12,000 different wines 

  • Raft Float Trip

    Board a large, non-capsizable raft, for a guided float trip down the Little Miami River. Lunch or dinner at the end, on the riverbank is optional OR enjoy a boat ride on the Ohio river, with optional meals.

  • Model of the Vault

    See a working model of the vault, built locally, that protects the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence 

  • Indoor Model Train Display

    Visit the largest indoor model train layout in the world, with more than two miles of track with 90 G-scale trains