• Back to the 50s and More Tour

  • One night to Four nights
    Relive the 1950s and maybe a little bit of the late 40s and 60s, with a tour built around the Ohio Historical Society's outstanding exhibit "1950s : Building the American Dream".  This tour can be set up as a day trip or overnight / multi-night tour, and can include some of the following attractions; the possibilities are endless.

  • Ohio History Connections

    Experience the 1950s through the eyes of a family living in central Ohio, with a hands-on, walk through of their Lustron home - a porcelain steel home built around 1950. Step back in time as you explore the nooks and crannies, and cupboards and drawers of the house, built right inside the museum. 

  • 94th Aero Squadron

    Enjoy dining with music from the 40- 50s. The atmosphere at the 94th Aero Squadron is casual and cozy where fascinating World War I and World War II memorabilia and aviation themes are creatively showcased throughout the restaurant. Enjoy the Rick Brunetto Big Band with music performed live every Thursday night by this spectacular 17 piece big band. 

  • Rock Around the Clock Show

    Travel back to the time of poodle skirts and blue suede shoes and enjoy the biggest and best Rock n Roll show ever featuring a nonstop hit parade of Rock and Roll classics that is guaranteed to leave you dancing in the aisles.  Special dates for this show. Please call for availability.

  • Nutcracker Family Restaurant

    Dine at the Nutcracker Family Restaurant, a '50s style diner. Guests will dine on the 50's Club. Grove to the music and enjoy the memorabilia…it will get you in the mood for the next stop.

  • Early Television Museum

    Over 150 TV sets are on display in a 4200 square foot area. Displays include mechanical TVs from the 1920s and 30s; pre-1945 British sets from 1936-39; pre-1945 American sets from 1939-41; postwar sets from1945-58; and early color sets from 1953-57.  

  • Motts Military Museum

    Walk through one of the top dozen military museums in the country. This unique facility encompasses all periods of military history in which the United States has been involved - including the 50s era Korean War.

  • Mid-Ohio Historical Museum

    This small town museum has a wonderful collection of dolls, dating back a couple of hundred years, as well as an outstanding collection of post war trains, a miniature circus, and a variety of other toys. It’s a veritable history of Barbie, Ken and G.I. Joe.

  • AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

    Through the 1950s, before many could afford a car, many men relied on motorcycles for everyday transportation. Relive the past, as you experience many dozens of motorcycles, many from the post war 1940s and 50s - from leisure riding to racing to dirt biking! 

  • Krema Nut Factory

    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood filmed a segment here on how peanut butter was made. Learn of the different types of Peanuts, and about Cashews, Brazil Nuts etc., as you tour and taste-test your way through the plant and gift shop.

  • American Whistle Factory

    See how America’s only metal whistle factory gets those little balls into its whistles, the ones it sells to the New York Police, the NFL referees as well as the United States Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines. At the end of the tour, everyone gets a whistle to take home.

  • Jack Nicklaus Museum

    Guests will encounter the history of golf and its greatest practitioner. Take an immersive journey through Jack’s brilliant career, which began in the mid 1950s and includes trophies, photographs and various mementos, from his unparalleled 20 major championships and 100 worldwide professional victories.