• All True to the RED, WHITE, and BLUE

  • Join Ohio Travel Treasures and celebrate the patriotic spirit that unites us as Americans.  Three different shows PLUS a spectacular fireworks display.

    August 21-23, 2018 (Labor Day)
    November 6-8, 2018 (Veterans Day)
    June 11-14, 2019 (Flag Day)
    August 20-23, 2019 (Labor Day)

  • Stars and Stripes In the Country
    With Liberty & Laughs for All

    Come celebrate the independence of our great nation with a spectacular 2-hour dinner show you won’t soon forget! This performance will feature an exciting mix of patriotism, tributes, and sidesplittin’ comedy by award-winning ventriloquists, comedians, and musicians! So celebrate with us as we honor the brave men and women that have fought to make our country the land of the free and the home of the brave – followed by an exciting fireworks show.

  • The Many Faces of “Old Glory"

    Here's something really special! Vane Scott III tells the story of how our flag came to be. He shows twenty-eight beautiful full-sized flags as he regales us with fascinating and often humorous stories. Acclaimed to be the "Finest Flag Show in America!" Now this is not a history lecture. There is humor in some of the stories and we hope you will laugh when it is funny, but we know you will be thrilled when it is thrilling. This is a lunch performance on Olde Main Street.

  • Victory Canteen Singers

    Groups will be treated to a dinner performance by the Victory Canteen Singers, a group who will entertain you with the nostalgic sounds of the forties. The music of the 1940s brought hope and joy to our GIs and those on the Home Front alike—and the Victory Canteen Singers keep that tradition alive in rich, three-part harmony. Their repertoire includes all the treasured gems of the WWII era plus patriotic classics including a musical salute to each branch of the US armed forces.

  • The Olde Main Street Museum

    An entire early 1900s town inside a 1915 building that formerly housed a Ford dealership and the Herco Factory. 23 storefronts where groups can stop by the Miskimen Hardware Store; the village newspaper; the old-time soda shop; town jail; bank; shoe repair shop; fire department; the popular Clothing Store and the Sam Douglas Saloon, which was literally axed by Carrie Nation during her temperance campaign. Living historical characters populate the village, so you might run into Woody Hayes, Cy Young, or Carrie Nation herself!

  • Schrock Heritage Village

    Here you can experience a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Enjoy a shopping experience while on a scavenger hunt for FLAGS. Prizes for the winners.

  • Dennison Depot

    Although Dennison was the site of a WWI Red Cross Canteen, it is perhaps most famous for its role during WWII. These yards were located on a railway which provided a key link to the Strategic Corridor for National Defense going east-west. Today guests tour the exhibits in the Depot such as the Women’s Waiting Room, the Baggage Room and the Railway Express Agency building built in 1921. Groups will love watching the trains in the Model Train Room. And will enjoy the History of the Railroad Yards and Dennison’s Golden Era that are highlighted in various exhibits.

  • MAPS

    One of the most unique military history museums in the country! Meet the men who flew the missions and are restoring the aircraft on site along with the Gallery of Heroes dedicated to local US Men and Women. View a complete replica MASH unit along with a stunning array of aircraft used over our decades of service to protect our country! Some of the exhibits include the Tuskegee Airmen, USS Arizona, WASPs and WWII and WWI aviators. Over 47 different aircrafts.

  • Auman Museum of Radio and Television

    Take a walk down memory lane and visit the 1920-30’s Radio shop featuring vintage radios, TV’s, test equipment and parts. Try the working Crystal radio which required no battery or plug in power. Visit the radio and TV sales room of the era, and see the working HAM radio “shack”. Visit the Broadcasters Hall of Fame and learn what Don Knotts, Grandpa Jones, Bob Denver, Soupy Sales, Little Jimmy Dickens, and many others have in common.

  • JE Reeve's Victorian Mansion

    Built by Dover's first Millionaire, this is one of the finest historical homes in Ohio with over 90 per cent of the Reeve's family belongings on display! It's like the family just stepped out for dinner and we are getting a sneak preview of their beautiful home! Mr. Reeve's came over from England and founded several steel mills in the area and is most known for galvanized products we all remember such as the steel coal buckets, trash cans, and many other household items used the world over! Lemonade and Chocolate chip cookies in the Carriage house following tour.

  • Famous Ending Museum

    Truly one of the most unique collections in the world!! Some of the most unique items include documents from the deaths of Presidents, politicians, world leaders, artists, musicians, actors and sport heroes. MEET the owner and learn more about his fascinating hobby which has become one of the MOST FASCINATING tour you will every experience!!

  • David Warther Museum

    David himself will take you back in time to the ancient Egyptians, Vikings, and more as you see his stunning collection of Ivory and Scrimshaw work. He is the grandson of the World's Master Carver, Mooney Warther, and is a master in his own right! See his workshop and learn more about his amazing 5th generation talent from a long line of Swiss Carvers!

  • Warther Museum in Dover

    View the awesome steam engine carvings by the World's Master Carver, Mooney Warther. The gorgeous ebony, ivory, and walnut carvings have been appraised as priceless by the Smithsonian featuring his most famous replica of the Lincoln funeral train. Stroll through the Swiss Gardens to view Mrs. Warther's button house, see the family home, and visit the knife shop where Mooney made kitchen cutlery and commando knives for our boys during WWII.

  • Lehmans, What is it???? Program

    Your visit will start in the theater where a program will introduce guests to OLD vs NEW and guess will have to guess what the item is and how it is used! Gifts for the winners.  What started as a small hardware store serving the local Amish in Kidron, Ohio, grew into something much bigger than founder Jay Lehman ever dreamed. Gathering four pre-Civil War era buildings under one soaring roof, today the store is a place to embrace the past: from old-fashioned treats and sodas to practical, non-electric goods that help you live a simpler life. Shop and reminisce your way through thousands of products while browsing Jay’s antique collection located throughout the store.

  • EXTENDED TOURS can enjoy stops at:
    John Glenn Museum, McKinley Museum,
    Pro-Football Hall of Fame, First Ladies Library,
    Smuckers Jam and Jelly, and P. Graham Dunn.

    Everyone will take home a small apple pie to remember their
    True to the Red, White, and Blue Tour!!