• Available May through October

    Here’s a tour about boats of all sorts and water – perfect for the warmer months!  It’s centered around the Ark Encounter, even though it doesn’t float, but which emphasizes the nation’s largest wooden structure. Then add a few boat rides, attractions and restaurants, with water themes and views.


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  • One day to three night tour of Ohio, <br>the World's Largest Amish Community.

    Revamped and made better.  Forget about those so called "reality" TV shows!  Learn how the Amish run successful home based businesses without modern technology!  Enjoy meals in Amish homes, cooking demos, house tours, make and take items, visits to Amish farms, furniture companies, and craft shops. 

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  • Historic Trains of New York
    7 Days/6 Nights Suggested, but tour can be customized

    Welcome aboard! It’s full steam ahead on the historic trains of New York and a gold-medal-worthy adventure in Lake Placid. Travel back in time as you chug along by small villages and historic homes, past hillside farms and big red barns. Climb new heights in Lake Placid and venture out into the historic Hudson Valley. This vacation offers something for everyone. Come along, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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